Why Use Cargo Dry Paks?

An Introduction

Many goods are transported across countries with the help of shipments and airlines. This mode of transportation requires quite a few numbers of days and it is very important to ensure that during this time period, the packed goods, especially food items, remain fresh and unspoiled. This is where the role of desiccants like Cargo Dry Paks becomes important. These specially designed desiccants are placed along with the packed products to ensure that they are not affected by the atmospheric moisture and oxygen. These two factors greatly affect the freshness and thus the taste and quality of the packed product.

The main highlight of Cargo Dry Paks is that they are specially designed to bring down the dew points inside shipping containers. This protects against a common phenomenon known as “Container Rain”. This phenomenon occurs when the moisture present in the closed spaces condenses and descends on the packed goods. Any contact with moisture does not mean good news for the packed products as then the chances of them getting spoilt are more.

Why should we opt for Cargo Dry Paks?

After getting an understanding of what Cargo Dry Paks are, let us now delve into what they constitute. Each Cargo Dry Pak available in the market consists of a three-bag strip having 1000 grams. This three-bag strip is attached to a secure hook, which can be put up with any type of container. Any single Cargo Dry Pak protects shipping containers from the harmful effects of moisture by using a 6 units (1 case) per 20’ container or a 12 units (2 cases) per 40’ container. Placing a Cargo Dry Pak sachet alongside packed products keeps one assured that the products will arrive at their final destination without any harm or losing their freshness.

There are many benefits of using Cargo Dry Paks. The most important one, as has been discussed earlier, is protection against “Container Rain”. Other advantages include prevention of the growth of spoilage organisms like mold, fungi and mildew. Placing a Cargo Dry Pak in shipping containers meant for far away destinations also ensures that there is no danger of problems like rust and corrosion taking place in the shipping consignments.

Other than the reasons mentioned above, there are more benefits of opting for Cargo Dry Paks. This is why there is so much demand for Cargo Dry Paks from the shipping and storage industries. This desiccant can absorb moisture molecules until it reaches its total weight. This means that the entire Cargo Dry Pak can be used for the purpose of moisture absorption.

Most of the times, the goods, which are to be sent to different destinations, have to be kept in the shipping containers for months together. The use of a Cargo Dry that lasts more than 50 days proves to be useful during such circumstances. This type of desiccant also prevents cartons and packages from being damaged by the ill-effects of moisture.