Crypto king Suppoman singles out DESICO’s use of security tokens in latest YouTube review

In his latest YouTube video, Crypto royalty Suppoman applauded DESICO for its business model of allowing startups listed on its platform to issue legally security tokens to anyone, anywhere in the world, irrespective of their level of investment.

He told his 147k followers: “with security tokens, you can actually own a share of the cryptocurrency. So, instead of owning a portion of the available supply, or even the total supply, actually what you own represents equity in that particular project, so you can actually say ‘I am a shareholder of’ whatever project. I like where this is going, and Polymath is one of the very few projects that allows for securities tokens to do really well. Another one is DESICO, which I think is at ICO stage. I met them at the Blockchain Centre in Vilnius recently, and they sounded quite interesting.”

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