Daily Fintech’s Dr Efi Pylarinou: DESICO will make security tokens a mainstream asset class

Dr. Efi Pylarniou (image: DESICO)

Daily Fintech co-founder and internationally-lauded blockchain expert, Dr. Efi Pylarinou, has joined DESICO as its Fintech and Blockchain advisor.

Regarding being part of the DESICO advisory team alongside Electronic Arts co-founder, Jeff Burton, and European Commission advisor, Ronald Kleverlaan, Dr. Pylarinou singled out DESICO’s legal compliance as the driving factor behind her decision to be part of the world’s first fully legally compliant security tokens platform.

“DESICO is making an absolutely necessary contribution to the blockchain community thanks to its business plan to launch a full stack platform which allows it to issue, buy, and sell security tokens in full compliance with the law. DESICO is a way of alleviating the regulatory concerns in the European Union, and complement the best self-regulatory practices,” she said. “The vision I share with the DESICO team is the opening up and development of this alternative way of fundraising and creating an early adopter community for a broader audience of investors, and more importantly, entrepreneurs”, she added.

Dr. Pylarinou has over 20 years experience as a financial professional, whose background includes a decade on Wall Street with a focus on capital markets. She is currently focusing on blockchain for finance ventures that are aiming to transform capital markets.

“In a highly regulated industry such as the financial industry, regulation determines the dominant technology to a large degree,” she continued. “DESICO is taking the necessary steps to build a platform that alleviates the current regulatory concerns, and it is setting new industry standards as a result. This is complimented by its operation under the Crowdfunding Law of the Republic of Lithuania, plus its backing from the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance.”

Along with other experts in the blockchain community, Dr. Pylarinou believes security tokens are the next big thing in the development of capital markets. DESICO’s design to issue security tokens from start-to-finish will contribute in making security tokens a mainstream asset class.

Dr. Pylarinou sees the ICO space as one that should be accessible for the needs of non-blockchain ventures and non-crypto investors. DESICO aims not only to grow the number of investors and companies within its ecosystem, but also the variety. DESICO will accommodate all kinds of tokens as they evolve.

“Security tokens are a broad asset class which is in its extremely early stages,” she explained. “Tokenizing securities removes much of the risks associated with this type of asset. DESICO’s solution of providing a legally compliant all-in-one marketplace for the issuance of a security ICO is a giant leap in making security tokens a mainstream asset.”

DESICO is the world’s first decentralized platform to issue, buy, and sell security tokens in full compliance with the law. The DESICO ecosystem will be focused on tokens that have elements of securities (e.g. the right to certain cash flows, to mgt decisions, or simply tradability). Dr. Pylarinou sees most cases as hybrid securities, and DESICO will be the place to securely and efficiently execute an ICO at one third of the cost it would be without DESICO’s assistance.

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Welcome to DESICO. Welcome to the future of security ICOs.