DESICO endorsed by Enterprise Lithuania for “addressing many issues related to crowdfunding”

May 7, 2018 · 2 min read
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Following its recent endorsement by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, DESICO has continued its run of EU government approval by receiving yet another endorsement.

Enterprise Lithuania, a business development agency created by the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy, has endorsed DESICO and commended it for “addressing the many issues related to crowdfunding.”

In a letter of support written and signed by Enterprise Lithuania’s general director, Daina Kleponė, DESICO was applauded for addressing “[the] practical problems facing crowdfunding, which including customer identification, money laundering prevention, investor protection, and the reduction of the costs of carrying out an ICO.”

Like the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, Enterprise Lithuania believes that DESICO will contribute to Lithuania’s goal of becoming a future fintech hub of the Nordic-Baltic region.

The letter continued: “DESICO will create an alternative fundraising platform, which will contribute to the efforts of state institutions to promote the development of blockchain startups in Lithuania.”

In addition to the support from the Ministry of Finance and Enterprise Lithuania, DESICO has been described as a “highly necessary step” for the blockchain, crypto, and ICO industries. Furthermore, an advisor to the European Commission on alternative finance believes DESICO will “bridge the gap” between ICOs and investors.

DESICO is the world’s first platform to issue, buy, and sell security tokens in full compliance with the law. Its ecosystem will disrupt the global $155 billion venture capital market by introducing security tokens through blockchain.

Discover more about why DESICO is a game changer at

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