DESICO hailed by Forbes for providing “step forward for the global crypto ecosystem”

DESICO makes its first appearance in Forbes

Today is a landmark day in DESICO’s short history — we’ve featured in Forbes for providing a “step forward for the global crypto ecosystem.”

Speaking to Forbes, Kendrick Nguyen, CEO of U.S. investment platform Republic said: “Lithuania’s crypto and crowdfunding framework is a step forward for the global crypto ecosystem. Adoption by more jurisdictions can’t come soon enough.”

DESICO’s solution of empowering retail investors with the opportunity to invest in startups from their earliest stages via a Security Token Offering (STO) has seemingly arrived at the right time.

Forbes wrote: “2017 was the year of the utility token, 2018 was the year of realizing the mistake of the utility token, and 2019 will be the year for tokenized securities. STOs are the new ICOs.”

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