DESICO “highly necessary step” for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and ICO industries

DESICO Strategy Advisor, Jeff Burton (Image: DESICO)

The former Executive Director of the SkyDeck Berkeley startup accelerator, and Electronic Arts co-founding team member, Jeff Burton, believes DESICO is a “highly necessary step in the process of the entire industry of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs” thanks to its proposed solution of issuing security tokens in full compliance with European Union law.

With over four decades worth of experience as a Silicon Valley executive in the United States, Europe, and Asia, Burton believes that DESICO’s legal solution will further consolidate the position of security ICOs as a fundraising method that is “here to stay.”

“Over the years I’ve developed a wide network of startup companies that are always asking me for advice,” he said. “Right now their focus is on how to take advantage of the crowdfunding opportunities that ICOs present. I think that it’s necessary that they all take heed of the requirements of credibility and security needed to be involved when establishing an ICO. I would refer to them DESICO because its solution of issuing legally compliant security tokens is the way to go in the future.”

In March 2018, Burton joined DESICO as its Strategy Advisor. In his own words, he will help the DESICO team succeed by “bringing companies to DESICO, who will help it build its business and prove the value of its security token platform.”

Other members of the DESICO advisory team include European Commission advisor, Ronald Kleverlaan, and internationally recognized blockchain expert and Daily Fintech co-founder, Dr. Efi Pylarinou.