Feb 25, 2019 · 2 min read

DESICO lands Paysera as its first client

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DESICO, a company which issues and trades security tokens, has signed an agreement with the first business company to carry out its own STO (Security Token Offering) via the DESICO platform. The STO is scheduled for April 2019, and the issued tokenized securities will be made available to retail investors only.

Paysera operates in 184 countries across the world, and has a network of 50 partner banks. It has over 250,000 clients around the world and over 100 employees in Paysera offices in countries including Great Britain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Spain and Bulgaria. Paysera provides electronic payment services such as payment methods for e-shops, currency exchanges, debit cards, global money transfers, event ticketing services, as well as retail solutions for mobile payments, payments for restaurants and cafeterias, and micropayments for games and entertainment.

“Paysera increased its revenue from EUR 7.64M to EUR 10.6M between 2017–2018, which is an increase of almost 40%,” said DESICO CEO, Laimonas Noreika. “These results show the company to be financially strong, and DESICO looks forward to helping retail investors invest in this type of solid, advanced and constantly growing company. Security tokens are for those seeking secure investments with more transparency and legitimacy of their transactions,” he continued. “DESICO will help Paysera benefit significantly from issuing these regulated, tokenized, and tradable assets”.

Paysera has chosen the crowdfunding method as way of raising funds to allow retail investors, including its existing and new clients, participate in the upcoming STO. In order to create favourable conditions to retail investors there will be a maximum investment limit of EUR 7500 per-investor.

Onboarding of Paysera will be followed by further developments of DESICO as platform to issue and trade security tokens. We will soon be introducing the updated website along with the news about next clients and partners.

To ensure you do not miss out your chance to participate in the Paysera STO, keep up-to-date with the latest announcements from DESICO via its social media channels, and register for the DESICO newsletter here.

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