DESICO raised $1M during the first part of its STO and is now open for business

Dec 6, 2018 · 2 min read

DESICO, a platform to issue and trade security tokens, has finished the first part of its security token offering after meeting its goal of 1 million USD. DESICO is now open to providing services to startups and businesses wishing to issue their own legally compliant security tokens.

Over 1,000 retail investors, as well as institutional investors, participated in the first part of the DESICO STO, which ran between November 8th — 30th 2018. Their investments helped DESICO meet its goal of 1,000,000 USD which was set for this part of its STO.

“DESICO’s successful STO is proof of the concept. We issued legally compliant tokenized securities that people and companies from around the globe were able to acquire,” said DESICO’s CEO and co-founder, Mr. Laimonas Noreika. “I have to admit that we are very pleased to have reached our goal even in the crypto market’s current state. It shows that investors have confidence in DESICO’s vision to make security tokens a mainstream asset class.”

Following the completion of the first stage of its STO, DESICO is now ready to begin onboarding businesses wishing to issue their own security tokens. In order to do so, business representatives need to visit the DESICO website and fill out an application form. Shortly afterwards, they will be contacted by the DESICO team regarding further steps on how to tokenize their securities.

“Our solution for issuing legally compliant security tokens has attracted much attention from businesses both inside and outside of the blockchain community,” Mr. Noreika continued. “We are already in the negotiation stage with a number of companies wanting to issue their own security tokens through our platform. In the near future, we will be announcing the first companies who are issuing their own security tokens via DESICO.”

Until now, one of the biggest challenges that the widespread adoption of security tokens faced, was the lack of a legally compliant end-to-end infrastructure to issue and trade them. DESICO is solving this issue by providing an ecosystem which will consist of a platform to issue security tokens, a security token exchange, and a payment system. The next part of the ecosystem that DESICO is preparing to launch in the upcoming months is the security tokens exchange.

DESICO will begin the second offering of its STO on January 15, 2019. Once again, investors will be able to acquire DESICO tokens which will grant them the right to receive a 12.5% share of DESICO’s revenue.

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