DESICO to lead security tokens agenda at Block Forum Vilnius

8DESICO will be on home turf at the Block Forum in Vilnius [image: DESICO]

DESICO will continue its drive to bring security tokens into the mainstream by leading the agenda on this rapidly emerging asset class at the inaugural Block Forum conference in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

DESICO’s CEO and co-founder, Laimonas Noreika, will be leading a panel discussion on security tokens and giving a presentation about why security tokens are the next megatrend in crypto. Furthermore, he will pitch DESICO to a panel of crypto and blockchain experts in order to secure further funding for the development of the DESICO platform.

DESICO will also represented at Block Forum by its Strategy Advisor, Jeff Burton, who made the trip from Silicon Valley to attend the event as one of its main speakers. Other blue-chip figures from the blockchain and crypto worlds attending Block Forum are Michael Suppo — Cryptocurrency Investor and YouTuber known as ‘Suppoman’ — and Isidro Laso Ballesteros, the head at StartUp Europe at the European Commission.

Block Forum was organised by the Startup Division of management consultancy firm, Civitta, and is aimed at connecting the crypto communities in the Nordic-Baltic and CIS regions with the rest of the world.

Lithuania is one such example of a Nordic-Baltic country which will benefit from increased global connections due to its position as a fintech hub of the future. This encouraging reputation is largely thanks to its government’s highly-favourable attitude towards ICO-funded startups.

The Crowdfunding Law of the Republic of Lithuania makes Lithuania one of the few countries in the world and the sole European Union member state to fully regulate ICOs. According to a recent report from Tokendata, Lithuania ranks third behind only the United States and China in terms of capital raised through ICOs in 2018, with $249m USD raised so far by Lithuanian startups.

Most recently, Lithuania took another step forward in consolidating its globally recognized ICO-friendly status when its Ministry of Finance published detailed guidelines for ICOs and cryptocurrencies, which cover four areas including regulations, accounting, and taxation.

What’s more, DESICO’s business model of allowing ICOs listed on its platform to issue and trade security tokens with full compliance with the law attracted the attention of Finance Ministry in early 2018.

In addition to receiving an endorsement from the finance ministry, Lithuania’s Minister of Finance, Vilius Šapoka, heaped praise on DESICO for fostering the country’s “fintech and blockchain communities by promoting the settlement of global blockchain and fintech businesses in Lithuania.”

DESICO’s business model of issuing and trading fully legally compliant security tokens provides the ICO industry with “unique, scalable solutions to real problems.” This value it gives to blockchain and fintech communities has gained DESICO international as well as local recognition from Lithuania.

DESICO recently secured $100,000 USD worth of funding after ranking third from 160 ICOs in the ICO Race competition in Lugano, Switzerland.

The DESICO crowdsale will begin on November 11th, 2018, and end on January 15, 2019.

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