DESICO weekly roundup #5 | Jeff Burton co-hosts | Crowdsale dates| Block Forum

DESICO’s week in summary

  • MVP coming soon, and we want you, our community, to rate it!
  • DESICO speaking at Block Forum in Lithuania, Europe’s crypto and blockchain leader
  • Crowdsale start-and-end dates announced!


Hi everyone, it’s already the fifth weekly roundup of DESICO, and we are sharing our news to update you with our performance.

Today we have a special guest, Jeff Burton. He’s our strategy advisor.

We would love to share the great news that last week in Switzerland we won third place in the prestigious ICO Race competition, where 160 participants tried to win [a million dollar] prize. We are the ones who won 100,000 dollars, which we will spend on the development of our project.

Soon we are going to present you a version of our MVP, so you can see we are actually making a product, and Jeff, what news do you have?

Well, I think it’s a great accomplishment and addition to have DESICO as a speaker. Laimonas is speaking at the European Block Forum here in Vilnius this week. That’s June 14th to 17th. And among all the speakers, we have Miko Matsumura, who is a co-founder of Evercoin. There’s also Joby Weeks and Toni Lane Cassidy, so there’s an illustrious speaker gathering. Michael Suppo is even here from the U.K., so Laimonas will be joining a very great cast of speakers and it’s wonderful for DESICO to be presented in this setting.

Also, our private sale is on, so if you would like to participate with larger amounts of sums, please PM me on Telegram.

The other important thing, is that our Telegram channel is growing fast! But we think it’s a little bit too fast, because we have ghost members there. So, expect some numbers to decline because we will be deleting them. We don’t need fake numbers, but we need real users!

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