DESICO weekly roundup #10 | Bounty campaign 2.0 live now | Applications for licences have started

DESICO’s week in summary:

  • Bounty campaign worth 2,000,000,000 (almost $200,000) DESI tokens now live
  • MVP coming very soon
  • Applications for crowdfunding licence, brokerage licence, and e-money licence have started


Hello everyone, and hello DESICO community. It’s already the 10th weekly roundup of DESICO news. This means that we’ve already been sharing the news for two and a half months about the DESICO project on a weekly basis.

The DESICO community is growing super fast. The reason behind that is people who really believe in DESICO’s vision. If you also believe in the DESICO vision, if you want to share the news about us, please be aware that the bounty campaign is live again. If you want to be part of this future, please check the DESICO bounty campaign thread on BitcoinTalk.

We are very thankful to our community members who gave their feedback about our platform’s preview design. We will use it wisely. Our tech team is currently working to make it live.

The MVP demo is coming soon. We are very, very excited about it, and we hope you are too. Together with the legal team, we have already started the application for our licences.

As you probably know, we need a crowdfunding licence to issue a security token. We need a financial brokerage licence to trade a security token, and we also need an e-money licence. These three licences make DESICO fully legally compliant.

Guys, we need to make DESICO huge. We need your help, so join our Telegram, share the news about DESICO, subscribe for the newsletter, and see you next time!