DESICO weekly roundup #11 | Marc P. Bernegger joins DESICO | Shoutout from Suppoman

Hello, DESICO community and welcome to the 11th weekly roundup! I hope you’re having a great vacation, and if you’re not, tune to see what we have been doing this week with DESICO.

So, our biggest news this week is that Marc P. Bernegger is joining us as our Investor Relations Advisor. We are super excited! Marc has been acknowledged as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in Europe by the Telegraph. He has also been acknowledged amongst the top 100 under 40 in his native Switzerland.

Marc’s reputation and experience is a huge boost for DESICO and we are super happy. It will take our project sky high!

On a related note, Ethan Pierse has joined our core team as VP for Investor Relations, and it is also very good news for DESICO and the DESICO community.

Another great news is that crypto influencer Suppoman, one of the top influencers in the crypto world, has mentioned us in one of his videos. He said that security tokens is the thing that will let their holders to become actual shareholders of the companies that issue those tokens. He mentioned us, DESICO, as one of the projects to watch and to follow. If you want to see the full review, head out to our Medium or our Telegram and you will find the link.

And of course, don’t forget that our county campaign round two is live and it’s on! So, head out to our Telegram, head out to our website, head out to the Bitcoin Talk thread about the bounty to participate and earn your DESI tokens. We have 2 million tokens being distributed amongst the community, and we hope that you will get your share.

So guys, thanks for watching, head to our Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Sign up for the news on our website, and see you next week!