DESICO weekly roundup #13 | Advisory team meeting in Vilnius

DESICO’s week in summary:

  • DESICO’s Vice President of Investor Relations, Ethan Pierse, and Investor Relations Advisor, Marc P. Bernegger here in Vilnius for first ever advisory board meeting.
  • Working out how to build DESICO platform through first round of funding.
  • Demo version of platform now live.


Hello everyone, it’s already the 13th weekly roundup of DESICO, and this week we have Ethan Pierse, the Vice President of Investor Relations at DESICO with us today. Congratulations, and I am happy to have him in Vilnius.

This week we have Ethan [and] we have Marc because we have an advisory board meeting in Vilnius. And Ethan, can you tell us what we discussed here?

Sure! Well, it was also good to come and meet the team and kind of connect faces to names. And then we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the investment strategy, and the moving forward during the next couple of months how we want to frame building DESICO through the first round of investment, [and] talking about the token sale and all these things, so it’s been very fun, very challenging, and I think it’s been a very productive couple of days.

So, Ethan, tell our community what did you find while being with us?

Yeah, it’s exciting to see where everything is going with the product [and] busy building the actual platform, which you can check out with the link in the description. And to make all that happen, busy working on getting the licences that are necessary to make DESICO work, so lots of stuff getting done — it’s exciting!

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