DESICO weekly roundup #14 | 6M bounty campaign live | Roadshow in the U.S.A.

DESICO’s week in summary:

  • DESICO’s biggest ever bounty campaign live, with 6,000,000 DESI tokens for the taking. Head to to find out more information and discover how to take part.
  • Complete some simple tasks on our website and win 1,000 DESI tokens.
  • This week we’re heading to the United States to take part in San Francisco’s Crypto Finance Conference, followed by more meetings immediately after in New York.

Hello DESICO community, and welcome to the 14th weekly roundup.

So, let’s start with the very good news for you this week! Our bounty campaign round three is live, and we have six million DESI tokens for you to earn, so head out to, find our bounty thread, and participate and earn your tokens.

This time, the bounty lasts until November 7th. That is, until the start of the DESICO crowdsale.

And that is not all, ladies and gentlemen! You can also win 1,000 DESI tokens! To do that, simply head out to our website and complete the very simple tasks on our bounty section.

Now, for some exciting things that are coming! We are preparing for a big roadshow in the United States. Audrius, Ethan, and Laimonas are going to participate in the Crypto Finance Conference in San Francisco and have some meeting with investors, with some funds, and with people who are really really excited about DESICO, so fingers crossed!

After the Crypto Finance Conference in San Francisco, our team is heading to New York, so if you’re on either the West Coast or the East Coast in the first half of September, then reach out to us, let’s meet and let’s talk.

And as usual, for all the latest news from DESICO, join our Twitter, join our Facebook, join our Telegram, subscribe to us on YouTube, and let’s stay in touch.