DESICO weekly roundup #15: Live from Palo Alto | Crypto Finance Conference in LA | 20k Telegram community members

DESICO’s week in summary:

  • Once again on the road! We’re live from the Crypto Finance Conference in Palo Alto, San Francisco. Here we’ve met plenty of thought-leaders who are excited about our solution to tokenized securities — there’s good news coming soon!
  • We’re now almost at 20,000 Telegram community members — thank you very much for participating in the discussions there, and spreading the word about DESICO via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!


Hey guys, it’s Laimonas and Ethan here. We are in Palo Alto, San Francisco.

As the community grows super fast, it’s almost 20,000 community members on our Telegram. We’ll keep on working!

Ethan, tell us more!

So this last week was great. We were at the Crypto Finance Conference, which is a Swiss conference that was here in Silicon Valley for the week — lots of great people like Tim Draper, Pantera Capital, and all kinds of thought leaders in this space.

We’re really excited that everyone is excited about tokenized securities, and everyone was thrilled to hear about our solution to help retail investors, every-day people who aren’t credited investors, to invest into tokenized securities.

Things are great. Me and lots of people are passionate about seeing this thing grow, and we are going to have some great news for you coming up.

So guys, you are the only community in the world who can invest in security tokens, and this is great news.

So share the news, keep on growing our community, and see you next week!