DESICO weekly roundup #16: DESICO in the news — Forbes and Nasdaq!

DESICO’s week in summary

  • We’re back from the United States, and our contribution to the crypto economy has been recognized by Forbes and who have both written articles about DESICO!


Hi everyone, it’s already the 16th weekly roundup and it’s our time to share the news.

So, this week started with some major exposure to media outlets. Media giants such as and wrote articles on DESICO and its business model. It’s important that the media is starting to understand that DESICO will bring the possibility for retail investors to invest in Security Token Offerings.

Guys, let’s not forget that all the crypto and blockchain market was created by retail investors, and it’s not fair that while ICOs are pivoting to STOs, companies and platforms do not allow retail investors to invest in their STOs.

I understand that, it’s easier to do so because the legal frameworks are built for institutional investors. But we, DESICO, have created the opportunity for you guys to invest in the most promising startups at their early stage.

So, in that case we will find the next Google and the next Facebook together.

Join our journey! Share the news, and see you next week!