DESICO weekly roundup #18: Crowdsale expections | | Live DESICO Q&A

DESICO’s week in summary

  • Meeting with Bank of Lithuania to show investors what they should expect from crowdsale, PLUS crowdsale guidelines coming soon!
  • DESICO featured on — check it out here.
  • DESICO’s Vice President for Investor Relations, Ethan Pierse, meeting San Francisco-based institutional funds
  • LIVE DESICO Q&A coming next week with CEO and co-founder, Laimonas Noreika.


It’s my pleasure to sit and talk with you again on what we did last week. We just had a meeting with our regulator, the National Bank of Lithuania. We wanted to show them how we are going to organize our crowdsale [and] what investors should expect from it.

In our discussion with the regulator, we want to achieve that our investors can invest in the DESICO project in a well-organized and safe environment.

Please make sure that you are already subscribed to our newsletter. If you don’t, please do so because that’s the channel where we’re going to send the guidelines on how to participate in our crowdsale.

So at the time we are doing our homework and preparing for the crowdsale, DESICO is getting bigger and bigger traction on major media outlets. This time, Entrepreneur wrote about us and asked for an interview from me on how tokenized securities will improve the financial world.

One more thing to add on this weekly roundup! Ethan Pierse, one of our team members is currently in San Francisco. He is having meetings with institutional funds and if you want to meet him and talk about what we are doing, please contact me or him personally and meet him in San Francisco

So, the final message is that next week we’re having a live Q&A session with me. If you have questions to address, please join us and soon we’re going to share how and where it’s going to happen!