DESICO weekly roundup #19 | November 7th STO announcement | Whitelisting date | DESI token summary

DESICO’s week in summary

  • The DESICO Security Token Offering will begin on November 7th, 2018 — only $1m USD will be available with a 15% discount during a short period from this date, so get in quick!
  • We plan to begin our whitelisting process during the first week of November — to ensure you don’t miss out, subscribe to the DESICO newsletter on our website.
  • Next week, we will be sending the instructions on how to participate in our STO, so please be patient whilst we prepare that for you.


Hi community,

It’s my time again to share the news on what we achieved this week with DESICO, and this week was amazing!

We announced that we are performing our own securities sale on November 7th [2018].

Securities will bring more value and more protection for you — investors.

Our DESI token is constructed to share 12.5% of any revenue that DESICO makes.

Book the date! November 7th is the date when we are selling a small portion of DESI tokens — only $1m USD will be available with a 15% discount.

Our community is already asking when will we begin our whitelisting process. So our plan here is that the whitelisting process will start at the beginning of November.

Please, before making any investment decision, go to our website and find the file ‘DESI Summary’ and take a deep look — that’s where you will get the information about what the DESI token is and what it isn’t.

Also, if you’re not subscribed to our news [letter], please do so on our website because otherwise you will miss our whitelisting process.

We will send clear instructions on how to participate in the crowdsale via email.

See you next week!