DESICO weekly roundup #2: South Korea | Airdrop | Token model explained

DESICO’s week in summary:

• Hello from Seoul, the capital of South Korea!

• Businesses and individuals in South Korea are crazy for crypto and security tokens.

• New animated video showing DESI token model.

• A reminder that the DESI token airdrop is coming soon!

• Get in touch with us. We’re still waiting for your questions about DESICO.


Hey guys, it’s the DESICO weekly roundup again. I’m saying hello from Seoul, South Korea where we’ve travelled to to present the future of security tokens.

We are amazed to learn that so many companies are eager and willing to issue security tokens even in South Korea. We expected that when we started our communications that so many good projects from this country would come and issue their security tokens. You guys can actually invest in these projects.

Also, I would like to remind you that our airdrop is coming soon, so stay tuned.

If you’re still not show how the DESI token model works, please watch our animated video. If you still don’t get it, write me an email and let’s discuss it on Telegram. There the DESICO team members are ready help and advise you with any questions.

Do not hesitate to speak or contact us. Your questions are very welcome!