DESICO weekly roundup #20 | Whitelisting starts on October 31st| Q&A session

DESICO’s week in summary

  • A reminder that you have to pass the whitelisting procedure to take part in our STO. It starts on October 31st!
  • In addition to starting the whitelisting process, we will be holding another live Q&A session next week, so send us your questions on Telegram.
  • Before making any investment into DESICO, we urge you to read everything you need to know about the DESI token right here.


Hello, DESICO community!

It’s only two weeks left until we start the crowdsale of the DESI security token.

As you all know, you all have to pass a whitelisting procedure.

Last week we had a live Q&A session with our community [and] I loved it. Next week we are having one again. I am sure that as our community is growing super fast, we are going to have plenty of new questions.

Guys, please make wise investment decisions. Read carefully the information about the DESI token, and see you next week!