DESICO weekly roundup #21 | Register NOW for the DESICO STO

DESICO’s week in summary

  • Our whitelisting process is NOW open — all you need is a government-issued ID and 10 minutes of your day to spare. If you want to be part of the future of security tokens, get in quick because places are scarce — find out everything you need about the KYC/AML procedure here!
  • Don’t forget that the DESICO STO will begin in just seven days (November 7th!), so be sure to prepare for the big event by re-visiting our whitepaper before you make any investments.
  • DESICO now has access to a Category B financial brokerage licence — this means DESI tokens can now be traded on the secondary market, and our project roadmap is significantly shorter than before.


Dear community members! Next week is the week we start our security token sale!

I want to tell you that our whitelisting procedure is now open. If you’ve already made the decision to participate in the DESICO security token crowdsale, you need to whitelist yourself.

Whitelisting is the procedure where we get to know who you are. The crowdsale that will take place on November 7th is really small, so please be fast if you want to reserve your seat there.

Only one million DESI tokens are available at a 15% discount, so our community members are asking what happens if there is more demand for tokens than there is a supply?

The answer is that the priority goes to those who whitelist first.

Even before the crowdsale, the DESICO team has taken every action to make the DESICO platform happen as soon as possible. For that reason, we recently acquired a financial brokerage company — this acquisition allows us to trade security tokens on the secondary market.

Whitelist yourself and participate in our crowdsale on the 7th of November!