DESICO weekly roundup #22 | STO is LIVE | Buy your DESI tokens NOW!

  • After 22 weeks, the DESICO security token offering begins today, with minimum investments starting at EUR 200 ($230)!


Hello, DESICO community. It’s weekly roundup #22! That’s how many weeks we needed to start the DESICO security token sale.

Everyone who has a spare 200 euros can participate in the next crypto megatrend!

Congratulations — the sale starts now, and will last until the 23rd of November.

[Here’s] one important message from the DESICO team. Scammers are everywhere, and security tokens are now a hot topic in the crypto market, but please, don’t get caught in the Fear of Missing Out.

Read the whitepaper, learn all of the information you can on our website, and contact the DESICO team — only then make your investment decision.

Good luck!