DESICO weekly roundup #23 | 1000+ STO participants | Don’t miss your chance to buy DESI Tokens!

  • The DESICO security token sale started one week ago, and 1,000s of investors have already taken part — thank you for your contribution!
  • Time is running out to purchase your DESI security tokens! This stage of the crowdsale ends on November 23, and there are now only a limited number of DESI tokens available — buy yours HERE now!


Hello, DESICO Community! Congratulations — one week has passed since the start date of our crowdsale and more than 1,000 investors participated in the sale.

Please note that on the 23rd of November, we are closing this round and before that, we will not disclose the numbers of how many tokens we sold.

There is an important message for whitelisted users — you’ve reserved your seat in the crowdsale, but there are a lot of users who still didn’t pay for their tokens. Therefore we will have to cancel your reservation and allow other people in the line to buy their tokens.

So, enjoy DESICO and enjoy your quarterly payouts of 12.5% of our revenue!