DESICO weekly roundup #3: Bounty | CCN YouTube review | Presentation at Blockchain Centre Vilnius

DESICO’s week in summary

  • We’ve launched a bounty campaign with 500,000 security tokens in circulation for the DESICO community.
  • Awesome YouTube review of DESICO by Crypto Coin News!
  • Our presentation on the security tokens and utility tokens in-front of the global blockchain and fintech communities at the Blockchain Centre Vilnius.
  • Once again, ask us anything, so don’t forget to sign up to our Telegram channel!


Hi everyone, it’s Laimonas again! It’s our third weekly roundup, so let me share the news about what we’ve been doing over the last week. The most important news from our side is that our bounty campaign is live. We are expecting our community members to share the news about DESICO, and about security tokens. We are ready to share 500,000 DESI tokens for free. It’s important to mention that the bounty campaign will last only until the 15th of June, so act now! If you are interested in participating in our bounty campaign, look for more information on our Telegram channel, also Medium, and Facebook.

What else important happened for DESICO this week? Crypto Coin News reviewed our project on their YouTube channel. They described our business model as “refreshing” and “unique”. We are very happy to get that recognition from them.

Last week we also met the blockchain community at the Blockchain Centre Vilnius where we gave a talk about the differences between utility and security tokens. It seems like the community at the Blockchain Centre agrees with our vision that security tokens are the next megatrend, they the understand the differences, and the benefits that security tokens give.

So guys, if you have any questions [especially] any tough ones, don’t hesitate to write to me on Telegram or email. Me and my team are ready to answer all of your questions.

See you next week!