DESICO weekly roundup #4: ICO Race competition | $100,000 prize money | new advisor

DESICO’s week in summary:

  • We finished an amazing third from 160 advisors in the ICO Race funding competition and won a mega $100,000!
  • Reminder that there are only a handful of days remaining in our bounty campaign. Get in quick!
  • Ethan Pierse, the director of the CryptoAssets Institute in Paris, has joined DESICO as its Investor Relations Advisor.
  • Ask us anything DESICO related by signing up to our Telegram channel.


Hi, everyone! I’m saying hello from Lugano, Switzerland. There are so many beautiful views around me for our fourth weekly roundup.

We are here in Lugano to participate in the ICO pitch Race for the opportunity to win a prize of 1 million U.S. dollars.

Let me remind you that we have a bounty campaign going on. It’s short. It ends on the 15th of June, so join our Telegram bounty group to participate, earn DESI tokens, promote our message to the world, promote security tokens, and you will be rewarded in DESI tokens.

Even though we have already gathered an all-star advisory team, we want more people, more influential people to join our team. So, we have good news! Ethan Pierse, the director of the CryptoAssets institute in Paris, just decided to join our team. He will advise us on investor relations. Welcome to the future of investors, and welcome to the future of security tokens!

Join our Telegram channel, subscribe for our emails, and don’t hesitate to contact me or our team. We will answer all of your questions.

Good luck, and see you next week!

Hey guys! I’m saying hello from Lugano again, and we have great news! We’ve won third place [in ICO Race]. Congratulations to all the DESICO team, and congratulations to the community! Stay with us — many more good things will happen!