DESICO weekly roundup #7 | World Blockchain Summit | Ministry of Economy endorsement

DESICO’s week in summary:

  • Attending Europe’s largest blockchain event, the World Blockchain Summit in Frankfurt.
  • Letter of endorsement for DESICO from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.


Hello! My name is Vytautas Matulevičius, and I’m the Chief Marketing Officer at DESICO.

Hi! I’m Darius Noreika, and Chief Operations Officer at DESICO.

And today we’re taking over our seventh weekly roundup, because Laimonas is still travelling, and we can do whatever we want, basically!

So, here is what we accomplished last week.

Laimonas and Audrius are travelling to Switzerland, Germany, and other European countries. They’re meeting with potential investors and advisors. Also, they attended the World Blockchain Summit in Frankfurt, which is Europe’s largest blockchain event.

Another big news for DESICO is a huge one. We’ve received an endorsement letter from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania. We had a meeting with the Minister of the Economy, Virginijus Sinkevičius, last week and the endorsement is a direct result of this meeting.

We seem to agree with the Ministry of Economy, that there is a need to attract startups to Lithuania, and DESICO’s mission of of building a platform to issue and trade security tokens is in-line with the government’s agenda to attract 1,000 startups to Lithuania by 2020.

This is the third endorsement from government institutions of Lithuania that DESICO has received. Previously the Ministry of Finance endorsed DESICO and its business model, and so did the business development agency, Enterprise Lithuania.

This is good news for DESICO, this is good news for our community, and we are only one of the very few ICO startups that has this kind of endorsement.

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Welcome to DESICO, and welcome to the world of security tokens.