DESICO — what you can expect next

The first part of DESICO STO has been successfully completed after meeting its goal of 1 million USD. It is significant that not only institutional, but retail investors across the globe had possibility to participate in the STO. “DESICO’s successful STO is proof of the concept and it showcases the business model that we will be using to our future clients,” said DESICO’s CEO and Co-founder, Mr. Laimonas Noreika.

What we’ve achieved so-far

DESICO has already completed four stages from eight of its roadmap. Earlier in the year, the DESICO core team became a member of the ICO regulatory development team created by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania. The project obtained DESICO further endorsements from Lithuania’s Ministry of Finance and its Ministry of the Economy. While preparing for the STO, DESICO’s business model was also widely covered in international business publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and NASDAQ.

To showcase that the business model is viable, DESICO team took the decision to switch from an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to an STO (Security Token Offering). DESICO believes that this will allow them to share the exact same model with their clients wishing to conduct their very own STO.

Finally, as initially planned, the DESICO group of companies acquired a financial brokerage services company, which was done in order to make the roadmap of our project significantly shorter.

Next steps

DESICO will continue developing the platform to be able to launch a secondary market for the trading of securities. The next part of DESICO STO was foreseen in January 2019. Due to the uncertainty in markets DESICO is postponing the next part of its STO. Exact dates will be announced in the nearest future. The private sale stage will be opened instead and will again be available both institutional and to retail investors.

Current steps

As of December 2018, DESICO started on-boarding businesses that want to issue their security tokens via the DESICO platform. DESICO seeks to contribute to creating fully global, fair and less costly access to capital for promising businesses from anywhere in the world.

We are happy to let you know that a number of cryptocurrency-based projects and companies have expressed an interest in issuing their security tokens via the DESICO platform.

Having completed our own STO, not only do we have the necessary infrastructure to advise these companies, but we also have the hands on experience and know-how of tokenizing a business.

If you are seeking to crowdfund your business using security tokens, then we would love to hear from you — get in touch by following this link, or send us a message via Telegram.