DESICO’s Vice President of Investor Relations explains the future relationship between security tokens, startups, and multinationals

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Along with a other finance experts in the cryptocurrency space, we have been convinced of the potential of security tokens as a financial instrument for a long-time because they democratize assets provide Main Street investors with the opportunity to hold real-life shares in the next future Google, Amazon, or Facebook.

However, DESICO’s Vice President of Investor Relations, Ethan Pierse, believes that security tokens represent more than just financial assets — in his opinion, they are more trustworthy than “brokers, lawyers, accountants, notaries, and all kinds of other people in the financial industry” thanks to the blockchain technology they are based on.

In this part three of this short series of interviews with Ethan — you can watch part one here, and part two here — Ethan explains the opportunities that security tokens will bring to businesses and startups.

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