Ethan Pierse: DESICO can be “next unicorn”

DESICO’s Vice President of Investor Relations, Ethan Pierse, believes that DESICO can be the “next unicorn” of Lithuania, thanks to its security token-based business model, which will bring investment opportunities to retail investors.

The director of the CryptoAssets Institute in Paris, Ethan believes that Lithuania’s favourable regulation for startups wishing to crowdfund their initial costs will “really democratize investment”, and ultimate complement venture capital.

In this short interview, Ethan reveals why he joined DESICO, and discover why he believes DESICO will “own” the security token space.

Whilst you are here, watch the recent interview with DESICO’s Investor Relations Advisor, Marc P. Bernegger, and let us know if you agree with Ethan in our Telegram chat.