Ethan Pierse: DESICO creates a “unique, scalable solution to real problems”

DESICO Investor Relations Advisor, Ethan Pierse [image: DESICO]

DESICO has signed Ethan Pierse, the director of the CryptoAssets institute in Paris, as the newest member of its all-star advisory team. As Investor Relations Advisor, he will join Jeff Burton, a co-founder of Electronic Arts; Dr. Efi Pylarinou, a co-founder and author at Daily Fintech, and Ronald Kleverlaan, an advisor to the European Commission on alternative finance.

As a serial entrepreneur and a strategy advisor with over two decades’ worth of experience, Ethan explained that DESICO’s business model of issuing and trading fully legally compliant security tokens creates “unique, scalable solutions to real problems” within the ICO industry, and the value that DESICO brings to the blockchain and fintech communities was the driving factor in deciding to be part of DESICO.

“I love experienced entrepreneurs who create unique, scalable solutions to real problems,” he outlined. “DESICO’s solution [of issuing legally compliant security tokens] could create an entirely new fundraising ecosystem for early-stage startups, whether or not they involve the blockchain or are tokenized. I believe that DESICO represents a breakthrough option for raising early-stage capital through security token issuance.

Like the majority of leading lights in the crypto and blockchain communities, Ethan believes that “security tokens will — and already have — changed the way that early-stage companies can bootstrap new business models and technologies by leveraging crowdfunded capital investors.”

However, he is realistic in his analysis of using security tokens as an early-stage investment method, and added “institutional investors and the massive wealth that they represent will also contribute to the financing of these venture. Security tokens can bring the capital, but smart startup founders will need to complement that capital with these other benefits through advisors and strategic investors if they wish to completely bypass the historical capital model.”

As part of its legal compliance and to help facilitate the crowdfunding process for ICOs, DESICO will operate an in-built exchange. This exchange will provide immediate liquidity to any security tokens issued by any business listed on the DESICO platform, and be subject to the regulatory supervision of the Bank of Lithuania, which is under the control of the European Central Bank.

DESICO will also receive a European e-money licence, or have direct access to the services of an institution in possession of one. This will allow DESICO to execute payments and manage payment accounts. Therefore ICO-funded businesses using DESICO will be able to manage both their crypto and fiat holdings. DESICO will also give these businesses the opportunity to exchange their cryptocurrencies into fiat as way of developing their business.

The DESICO token crowdsale will begin on November 7th, 2018, and end on January 15, 2019. To keep up with the latest news and developments from the world of DESICO and the future of security tokens in the meantime, sign up to the DESICO Telegram channel, and head to its website to register for its weekly newsletter.