How to go through the DESICO KYC in just under 10 minutes

For a simple, FOUR STEP guide on completing the KYC/AML procedure, click HERE.

The DESICO KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure will begin on October 31st. Here is a complete community guide on how to exactly go through it. It is a legal requirement that all DESICO investors go through the KYC procedure.

DESICO KYC will be administered by ONDATO, one of the most reputable KYC service providers currently on the market. We have been working with them for several months to ensure that the KYC procedure is smooth and can be completed in just under 10 minutes.

Before you start, here is what you will need to go through the DESICO KYC:

  • A passport or government-issued ID card (only official government issued personal identity cards are valid for DESICO’s KYC. Student IDs, driver’s licence or any other form of ID that is not personal identity card will not be accepted).
  • A device with a good quality camera — laptop and desktop computers with webcams or mobile devices are supported as long as the camera takes good quality pictures.

The DESICO KYC step-by-step:

Step 1 — Create your account

The start procedure on the DESICO KYC page (it will be made publicly available on DESICO’s website on 31st of October, 10AM UTC). As a first step, create your account.

STAY SAFE: Create a strong password you do not use anywhere else. Do not disclose your password to anyone. DESICO team members will never ask you for your password, or offer you tokens on a discounted rate. Please report all scammers on our Telegram channel.

Step 2 — Answer a few mandatory questions

After creating your account, we will ask you to answer a few mandatory questions we are required to ask by the regulator.

Step 3 — Personal information

This is the main KYC page where you will provide your personal information in order to confirm your identity. Make sure you provide the correct information as any inaccuracies will result in a failed or rejected KYC — it is better to double check everything than repeat the KYC. Also, make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of the token sale.

Step 4 — Providing proof of your identity

After you’ve filled in all of your personal information, the system may require access to your camera. Allow it. Don’t worry — it is only needed to take a picture of you and your ID document.

After you allow the system to use your camera, the main KYC window will appear. Make sure you are in a room or any other place with plenty of light. The image quality is crucial for the success of the KYC procedure. As practice shows, 99 percent of KYC procedures fail due to poor face and/or document image quality.

Please select whether you will use a passport or a government issued ID card. Only official government-issued personal identity cards are valid for the DESICO KYC. Student IDs, driving’ licences, or any other form of ID that is not a personal identity card will not be accepted.

Make sure you are in a room or any other place with plenty of light and take pictures of both the front and back of the document. Ensure you are entirely within the frame provided by the system — an image with only part of the document of unclear image will result in a failed KYC. You can try multiple times until you get the picture right.

That’s it. The KYC is complete!

After your picture is approved, your KYC procedure is completed — congratulations!

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