MAJOR UPDATE: The DESICO STO will begin on November 8th, 14.00 UTC

Hello DESICO community,

The DESICO STO will begin one day later than originally planned. So mark the date — The DESICO security token sale will start on Thursday, November 8th 14.00 UTC.

So what happened?

In short, we have encountered a number of technical difficulties when uploading the sale software into the Google Cloud Systems. The upload became stuck for no apparent reason. Neither our development team, nor Google support had an immediate answer about why it happened and how to fix it immediately.

To ensure the full functionality of our token sale software, we have decided to postpone it for 24 hours. By doing this, our development team can take their time to set up the software and ensure that all systems are working correctly.

So what’s next for investors?

We thank you for your patience and we are looking forward to seeing you in our crowdsale on November 8th — meanwhile, please read about how you will be able to acquire your DESI tokens in 3 easy steps. If you have any questions, send us an email or contact us via our Telegram group. If you haven’t done so — we urge you to register prior to our token sale.