One of Europe’s top 100 technology investors joins DESICO as Investor Relations Advisor

DESICO’s newly appointed Investor Relations Advisor and internationally-respected entrepreneur, Marc P. Bernegger [image: DESICO]

Serial entrepreneur and one of Europe’s top 100 influential technology investors, Marc P. Bernegger, has joined DESICO as its Investor Relations Advisor. In his advisory role, Bernegger will replace Ethan Pierse as Investor Relations Advisor, who has moved to the DESICO core-team as its Vice President for Investor Relations.

DESICO will allow the trade and issuance of security tokens in full compliance with the law. Its ecosystem is set to change the $155 billion VC market and will comprise of a platform to issue security tokens, a fiat/crypto payment system, and a security tokens exchange.

At just 39, Mr. Bernegger has already been acknowledged as one of the 100 most influential technology advisors in Europe by the Telegraph. In his native Switzerland, he was recognized as one of the 30 most important digital heads by the Handelszeitung weekly, and also ranked amongst the hundred most successful people under 40 by the bi-weekly Bilanz business magazine.

‘We are very pleased that Marc has joined our team as our Investor Relations Advisor,” said DESICO CEO and co-founder, Laimonas Noreika. “His reputation and experience in the fintech and blockchain worlds is a major boost for us, and we hope his reputation will take DESICO to a wider audience of both investors and businesses who want to be listed on our platform.”

Mr. Bernegger’s status as a internationally-respected entrepreneur, plus his position as the owner of the Bernegger Ventures investment firm, is expected to take DESICO to new heights around the globe.

“With security tokens shaping up to be the next megatrend in the crypto, DESICO’s arrival to the market could not have come at a better time,” Mr. Bernegger added. “In my years as a crypto entrepreneur, DESICO ranks as one of the most impressive projects I have seen, thanks to its team’s business model, and its dedication to creating a fully legally compliant tokenized securities platform. Joining DESICO as its Investor Relations Advisor was a very easy decision.”

Mr. Bernegger’s role in DESICO will include working closely with the newly formed Investor Relations team to introduce DESICO to the wider blockchain community and potential investors.

Bernegger will join Jeff Burton, a co-founder of Electronic Arts; Dr. Efi Pylarinou, a co-founder and author at Daily Fintech, and Ronald Kleverlaan, an advisor to the European Commission on alternative finance, on the DESICO advisory board.

DESICO is currently conducting its private sale to institutional and retail investors. For more information about DESICO, visit its website, Medium and Telegram channels.