Partnership announcement: DESICO enters into partnership with Securitize

DESICO, a platform to issue and trade security tokens is excited to announce its partnership with Securitize. Securitize is a compliance platform for the issuance and lifecycle management of digital securities on the blockchain.

Both DESICO and Securitize share same vision on bridging the gap between traditional financial markets and crypto markets by providing platforms to issue and invest in security tokens.

DESICO CEO and Co-founder Laimonas Noreika says that partnership with Securitize will give a positive impulse to the tokenized securities’ space. “Security tokens are game-changers for financial and ownership models.The tokenization of assets is still in its early stages. Major tokenized securities players are not creating vital infrastructure — primary and secondary markets, custody services, etc. It is vitally important to cooperate with peers who also buildecosystem focused on security tokens and security token offerings and Securitize is indeed a meaningful partner to us”.

Desico and Securitize have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enter into strategic relationship for the purpose of facilitating referrals and streamlining discussions. Collaboration between DESICO and Securitize will have a focus on facilitating client referrals between them.

In November 2018, DESICO has successfully completed its own security token offering, raising 1M USD from both retail and institutional investors. DESICO is now open to providing services to startups and businesses wishing to issue their own legally compliant security tokens.