WATCH: DESICO’s legal model explained

Fintech experts are firmly stating that security tokens will be the next mega trend in crypto, and DESICO’s business model of creating a platform to issue and trade security tokens in full compliance with the law has wowed potential partners with this problem-solving approach ahead of the anticipated security token boom.

What’s more, DESICO has gained international attention from the crypto and blockchain communities in cities as diverse as Santa Monica, Seoul, and Lugano. In Lugano, we recently won third place and $100,000 USD at the internationally respected ICO Race funding competition.

What’s more, our legal compliance in anticipation of the security token trend was recently described by Crypto Coin News and SnipersTube as “refreshing” and “awesome” respectively.

We are frequently asked by our community about how we will build a platform for ICOs to issue and trade fully legal security tokens. In this video, our Legal Advisor, Dr. Vytautas Šenavičius, explains how the Crowdfunding Law of the Republic of Lithuania works in both the favour of ICOs and our investors, and puts DESICO in a position to be a “game changer” ahead of the incoming security token boom.

Finally, the DESICO crowdsale will begin on November 7th, 2018, and end on January 15, 2018. If you have any questions related to all things DESICO, do not hesitate to get in touch via our Telegram channel, or head to our website to subscribe to our newsletter for the very latest news from the world of security tokens.


DESICO is established in Lithuania, a European Union member state, and a Eurozone country.

Lithuania is very friendly towards blockchain startups, as well as for fintech companies.

In Lithuania we have the Law on Crowdfunding, which could also be applied to security ICOs. It is unique because in other EU member states, there is a lack of legal certainty about how to do an ICO. It is also important for investors, as the platform has to assess the project, and comply with KYC and AML requirements.

Moreover, it has to act on behalf of the investors’ interests.

The DESICO platform will work according to the law, and in compliance with the requirements provided by the Bank of Lithuania, which is supervised by the European Central Bank.

This gives the DESICO community an additional layer of protection and transparency.

We are having dialogues with public institutions in Lithuania in order to do everything right.

Our aim is to create a transparent, compliant, and supervised security.

This is why DESICO is a game changer. Welcome to the world of security tokens.