Weekly roundup #9 | Great meetings in Asia | MVP almost done

DESICO’s week in summary:

  • Successful Asian road show! Meetings with institutional and retail investors;
  • MVP almost done
  • Blockchain, fintech and crypto superhot now in Asia


Hello DESICO Community! This is Laimonas again and this time I am saying hello from Seoul in South Korea.
Me, Audrius and Ethan just finished the roadshow in Asia which was extremely successful. What do we do with DESICO, the securities platform is so important in Asia also. So we got a lot of interest from institutional investors and crowd just like you.

While we are here in Asia, presenting DESICO to the Asian Community our tech team is working hard to bring MVP to the market as soon as possible. Not only we have a design, but front end is coming soon so we are going to share it with you guys. So please comment, give us feedback and we will implement it on the platform.

Crypto, blockchain and fintech is so hot here in Asia. Wherever we travelled we met thousands of people who are interested in blockchain and applying this technology in fintech area.

Stay tuned, more news is coming soon. Join our Telegram, share the news about DESICO. What we are building here is going to be great!