What is DESICO and how does it work?

DESICO is the world’s first fully legal decentralized platform for security ICOs. It will address the biggest challenges currently facing the ICO industry and set new standards for the use of security tokens as a crowdfunding method of the future.

The biggest problems currently facing ICOs

The biggest issues currently facing ICOs across the world are the absence of legal frameworks, and unequal opportunities for whale and retail investors, and institutional investors; whale investors receive huge bonuses and discounts, whilst retail and institutional investors suffer enormous losses when whale investors dump their tokens. For ICOs to become fully recognized as legitimate crowdfunding sources, the ICO market needs to overcome these obstacles.

DESICO will address these obstacles in full compliance with the law of a European Union member state

DESICO will address the issues outlined above by building the world’s first platform to issue security tokens. The platform will be fully compliant with the legal frameworks of Lithuania, a European Union and Eurozone member state. The DESICO platform will provide each investor, large or small, with the same opportunities to invest into promising security token-based ICOs.

DESICO will operate a built-in token exchange. The exchange will provide security tokens with immediate liquidity after the successful completion of any security ICO on the DESICO platform. The DESICO platform will be subject to regulation from the Bank of Lithuania, which is under the jurisdiction of the European Central Bank. This will provide all ICOs listed on the DESICO platform with extra financial security and trust.

The DESICO platform will also receive a European Union e-money license, meaning it will be able to legally execute payment transactions and manage payment accounts. Therefore DESICO users will be able to safely transfer their funds to the DESICO platform using their International Bank Account Number (IBAN). The e-money licence also means that investors will be able to easily exchange their FIAT holdings into cryptocurrencies and vice-versa.

The DESICO crowdsale and the DESI token

DESICO is spearheading the rise of security tokens as a fundraising method. In order to raise the necessary funds for the creation of the DESICO platform, DESICO will be conducting a crowdsale for its DESI utility token during Q2 2018.

The benefits of being a DESI token holder

Retail and institutional investors will be able to make investments into all ICOs listed on the DESICO platform using either ether or the DESI token. It is worth noting that only DESI token holders will receive early bird investment opportunities and whale-like bonuses and discounts. This will allow them to make early investments into a legally approved ICO which may be the next Facebook, Google, or Amazon. DESI token holders will also receive legal and financial privileges only previous enjoyed by venture capital investors.

The differences between a utility token and a security token

The term ‘security token’ still remains unclear for many. As way of explaining the difference between a security token and a utility token, DESICO founder, Laimonas Noreika, said: “Imagine if Facebook were an ICO in 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg launched it in his Harvard dormitory. If he had offered Facebook tokens as utility tokens, then token holders would get free advertising space on the site. If he had offered Facebook tokens as security tokens, then token holders would now be Facebook shareholders. By offering a legally compliant way to issue, buy, and sell security tokens on our platform, we believe that DESICO will change the ICO market by setting new legal and technical standards for the blockchain industry as a whole.”

DESICO was founded in a European Union fintech hub of the future

DESICO was established in Lithuania, which also gives its team a number of reasons to be highly optimistic about the future of the DESICO platform. Lithuania’s securities and crowdfunding laws allow the issue of security tokens and the crowdfunding of projects with cryptocurrencies.

Lithuania has been a European Union member state since 2004, and a Eurozone member since 2016. In 2017, this small country in the Nordic-Baltic region was ranked amongst the top 20 most business friendly countries in the world.

Thanks to its technical infrastructure and national government’s embrace of fintech projects, Lithuania welcomed 35 new fintech companies in 2017 alone. By 2019, it expects to become a regional European fintech powerhouse.

The DESICO team is a team internationally experienced professionals

The DESICO team is made up of a group of internationally experienced professionals whose talents from the fields of banking and finance, legal, tech, plus public relations and marketing have come together to change how security tokens will be used as a crowdfunding method in the future.

DESICO has also attracted a team of world-class advisors who bring a wealth of global experience from business development, crowdfunding, and tech. They will be announced in due course.

Welcome to DESICO. Welcome to the world of security tokens.