“Pro-Black does not mean Anti-White”…or does it?
Angry Black HoeMo

I know this is super old but this is super well put. Particulalry this section:

“Race is nothing more than a social construct that really is inconsequential on an individual level. Where race becomes consequential is the systems that have been built and sustained to categorize us and then have us be treated differently — this is essential to colonialism, imperialism, and everyday oppression that people of color face, all over the world. In the “post-racial era,” we’ve reduce racism to an individual level instead of focusing it on a systemic level, which is backwards.”

This is really the heart of the matter. Race is a topic that’s more on the table than ever before for white people. The reasons for this are tough to explain to friends and members of my own family who for example have no explicit interest in black culture. Also being white, I can’t understand most of this experience. This is what I find extremely difficult. White people have been out of this conversation for so long (spared from it really by our own privilege) that it’s like coming into a room where tensions are at an all time high. Obviously the instinct is to want to leave said room, and guess what, we can and do. The only people who stick around, even for long enough to read some medium posts, are usually people who are already invested somehow. This unfortunately represents a small minority of white people. The rest just walk out of the conversation.

We ultimately have to work to make white people see the extent to which white supremacy exists, which will allow them be in a space mentally, emotionally, and intellectually to accept that it is in their own interest to tear down this system. Morally I believe white people have this capacity, the capacity to empathize with opressed people who are opressed by a system that benefits them, and to want to help them tear it down. However…

As a white guy from a white family I can tell you this will take a long time.

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