Reasons why people purchase a mattress

Why do you think you need a new mattress? Why do people buy new mattresses? A mattress is not a common purchase among people. it’s not like a grocery or clothes and shoes. We don’t think about purchasing a mattress unless we are forced to. We purchase a mobile phone the very next day or within hours of its need. We purchase clothes immediately when the need arises and often, just because we like them. The same goes for many products we use regularly. A mattress on the other hand is one product no one buys because they just happened to like it. Every mattress purchase is a result of the need. have you heard of a person who purchased a mattress because there was a Black Friday deal which offered a 50% discount? have you heard of a mattress company which offered a buy one get one free deal? These are things which do not happen and the companies know it too, just like you, the customer knows it too.

so if that were the case, what are the key reasons a person is inclined to purchase a mattress? Let’s look at some of the common reasons why people buy a mattress.

1. It’s Too Old or damaged: The most common answer we found to date was that the mattress was too old. A mattress which is older than 5 years will often be in poor shape and not suitable for sleep, at least not comfortably. Even a mattress which is sparingly used will often have dust or mites which may not be suitable for use. With time and constant use, mattresses tend to sink in and create a dent. People end up with poor sleep and decide to purchase a new mattress. This is not an immediate decision among most people. Many of us will delay the purchase of a mattress by months before we finally see the need to purchase a mattress, even though we know that we are losing sleep over a bed.

2. Health problems: The second most common reason people buy a mattress is due to a medical condition. Back pain, neck pain and hip pain are common and we are not talking about these. We are talking about other conditions like arthritis, spondylitis, and Surgery after some other conditions like spinal infusion or disc degenerative disease. Most medical conditions do require immediate attention and in such conditions, a mattress purchase is often not delayed. People buy a mattress during these times without much consideration for cost and sometimes without much research. These are times when doctor-recommended mattresses are much sought. Traditional memory foam, latex or hybrids are not considered unless they are approved by a doctor and sometimes a chiropractor.

3. Uncomfortable for Sex: Though it may seem impractical to purchase a mattress just for sex, You may be amazed to see the number of people who purchase a mattress because their sex is affected. if you are married or in a relationship, a mattress for sex, especially among the age group of 30–45 is very important. People below the age of 30 are often not concerned about their mattress when it comes to sex but the more you age, a mattress becomes quite important for sex too, just as much as it is important for sleep and support. Over 45% of people find sex as a reason for their mattress change. There are other factors too but sex is also a concern for many people who purchase a mattress.

4. New Member in the family: Having a baby? chances are you are going to purchase a mattress say experts. if you or your partner are pregnant, chances are you are planning a lot of things and change is evident. While men start thinking of a major change, they are also prone to spending. A new room for the child will include new colours, furniture and a mattress but that’s, not the immediate purchase. Often, the person pregnant will not be comfortable in the existing bed and will need a mattress which is supportive and firm. Their sleeping position may also be of the immediate consideration. If they were back sleepers or stomach sleepers, that’s not going to happen now with doctors recommending a side sleeping position to avoid complications. Pregnancy may often require just a mattress topper, but people do purchase a new mattress during this time.

5. Home renovation, new home or a new room: When you buy a new house, you often take a lot of your old things with you. This may include some of your furniture and even your cot/bd but many will leave their old mattress behind for a new one. It’s not because they don’t like the old mattress. Most often, they find the transportation of the old mattress cumbersome and the course takes a lot of space and transportation costs. When compared to purchasing a new mattress, the transportation of an old mattress (which may be prone to damage during transportation) for just a few more months or a year may seem worthless. A new mattress may also be perfect for your new space, especially when you have a room which is bigger or smaller.

6. Guest beds: Guest beds are almost the last reason for a mattress purchase. Most people prefer a blow-up mattress or a mattress which is cheap for a guest mattress, but yes, it’s often purchased. An empty room might as well be put to good use with a new mattress and a guest mattress is often purchased even though there are rarely any guests. note that guest mattresses are rarely purchased and when purchased, the cost is of concern.



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