Shit Silicon Valley Says…

Oh Boy! Silicon valley and its craziness.

On a lazy Wednesday afternoon, the day before Thanksgiving. I was bored on my computer, panicking about the work i had and the time i had. Then I stumbled upon a video posted by Patrick Neeman on his website.

After watching the video, my mind went into a deep thinking zone where i started thinking about my future and life. As a computer science student and a coder, the career goal is to work in Silicon Valley for me. However, i was puzzled and amused by the stuff the youtuber was saying. I felt coders and developers must be sassy kids who are just tired of their tech working slow.

The Reflection

I could reflect this video upon my life because some of the stuff in the video like little shenanigans about chargers and new applications are exactly the way i behave in reality sometimes. I felt stupid of myself because of the way it portrayed me in a way.

Is this how people in Silicon Valley are?

If this is how people in the Valley are then i am not sure if i am looking forward to that. It feels like i would be working with rich kids and sassy hipsters who like to portray themselves as kids. This made me sad and think ahead and back about my career path and how i can be a better model for people who think we as coders and developers have such kinds of attitudes

In the End…

It’s all about you and your ability to do what you love to do and be yourself. Silicon Valley is still a long road ahead but will bring interesting challenges and opportunities for one.

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