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Simpl offers a seamless payment experience to their customers by allowing them to place multiple orders over time and paying one consolidated bill. Just like your neighborhood Kirana store. Thereby making credit more accessible and useful.

Simpl is the first and the leading pay later service in India.

I was one of the 7 members of the founding team that built Simpl from the ground up. I started as their first designer, eventually building and leading a design team to help scale the product.


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One month ago, I was anxious to get on a plane because it would take me 1000s of miles away from my home. To places where I have never been to. Places where I don’t know anyone. Places where barely anyone speaks the languages I know. To be by myself, alone for 20 days.

No, I wasn’t forced to do this, I planned it myself. It was my first Euro trip.

But then why was I scared you may ask?

Because along with it being my first trip to Europe, more importantly, it was my first ‘solo’ trip.

Wait wait…

Be prepared to be a generalist.

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3 years ago, I joined Simpl as their first product designer. Before joining Simpl, I had offers from well-established companies and fairly successful start-ups. But the opportunity to join a company the day it is founded as their first designer excited me more. It was like having a blank canvas in front of me, and I can paint it the way I want.

I thought I knew what I’m getting into.
I was wrong.

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I generally don’t like to take a dig at any product and try to make it better because I know there are valid reasons why a particular product/feature is built/designed in a certain way. And those reasons are only known to the people involved in building the product.

Having said that, I was doing a short research on Facebook News Feed. And wanted to share what came out of it.

A lot of people I interacted with had one common problem with Facebook (which I agreed to). …

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RAD = Respectful | Actionable | Direct

*People giving design feedbacks*

“I like it.”
“I like it, but I don’t love it.”
“I don’t know, but it doesn’t make me say Wow”
“Looks great man.”
“Great colors.”
“Can you try something different?”

You might have heard(or said) these words often. This is generally how people talk when giving feedback on design. And it’s useless. Getting or giving such feedback doesn’t help anyone.

Feedback is a necessary pill to deliver a product that satisfies users. But it has to be prescribed by the right people, in a suitable way.

Designers can do their part to make the process…

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As an interaction designer I’m certain at some point you’ve had someone come to you and say “Design something unique, something that has never been done before, something that will amaze people when they use it, something that they will remember”. When you hear this, what do you end up doing?

As designers, we always follow the basic principles of interface design, our primary goal is always to make clean and easy to understand interfaces. At the same time, we need to ensure that we stay in sync with the latest UI patterns being used. Consistency, visual hierarchy, typography, intuitiveness…

Adil Siddiqui

Designing @PhonePe

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