Going to India for the first time will be a spine-riveting experience, but travelers have described the country as crazy, beautiful, intoxicating and at the same time, dangerous particularly if you are from a developed country. So it is always ‘play safe’ than ‘sorry’. You have come for exploring a new area of the globe, so let it not become weary.

As a traveler, you need to always stay alert as challenges may await you every moment. But, do not worry. Listed in the packing list are items which make your journey hassle-free as much as possible.

Pacsafe 55L Bag Protector

On a travel trip in India, if your luggage or any precious gadget is lost, you will have to unwillingly play the role of a victim. Well, I’m not scaring you but probability of losing your bags at bus station, Indian train and busy market are pretty high. You never know within a blink of an eye, your bags get stolen. As per human trait, traveler seems to be highly targeted person for a thief.

Travel tips to India or anywhere stresses on one fact — you have your passport, currency and gadgets to prevent from being stolen. The PacSafe is just the device which fulfills all the qualities of a perfect backpack. The steel-fence-bag has been designed to be tamperproof, slash-proof, snatch-proof; so once you bind this device to a bed or iron stand with your belongings inside, you can get down from the fence, rest in peace than keep an eye on your bag.


Insect Repellent

It is always wise to have an insect repellant among the packing list as your immunity may get compromised on the native conditions. The infections can be anything such as tropical fevers ranging from malaria, dengue, typhoid, influenza and leptospirosis during the monsoon. India is not that level of a clean country as compared to developed countries due to this viral mosquitos are certainly available in an environment. Recently in India, dengue & malaria were the highest spreadable diseases.

Instead of seeing your ‘going/gone to India’ trip go up in smoke and stay in good health, it is wise to have a Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent handy during the trip. The reason:

  • For prevention against infections (this repellant is effective against the Zika virus)
  • Bites from insects or parasites (mites, mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks and bed bugs)
  • The spray can hold its own till six weeks or washings
  • Does not harm or give odor
  • Content measures to 12 ounce in capacity.


USB Travel Power Strip with 8 International Adapters

We travel along with many electronic accessory like Laptop, Camera. Sometimes, you traveled to deserted place including bus and train journey where you won’t get many socket to charge up all your electronic stuff. Sometimes, you won’t find more than one socket in the hotel room as well.

If your (any) device can get charged only due to USB power cables, this 8-International-adapter 2-outlet-surge-protector is for you. It can charge any device that is compatible to smart charge technologies. If you have landed at a village where frequent power cuts are common, behold! You have this adapter to take care of your laptops, mobiles or other accessories such as the travel kettle.


JBL Clip+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Among the travel tips India given by many, majority of the suggestions hover around that the journey in a bus or train can become a memorable one if you have a worthy accessory such as the JBL clip and Bluetooth speaker. If you think that music is a necessity of life, and the ‘travel to India’ is a family trip, ensure you have this accessory among the packing list.

The Bluetooth streaming facility in JBL clip gives the best quality sound from either the smartphone or any android. For a call, a touch on the screen will enable a clear conversation. The speaker phone is echo-free, noise-free and damage-free even when encountered with a water spill or touch of rainwater. Rechargeable battery gives you five hours to listen, what more do you need?


RAVPower 16750mAh Battery Power Bank

Long distance travel in India for the first time will be definitely worth while as you can see out-of-the-art temples and other architecture. The travel no doubt will give you pleasure, but if gadgets are not charged, they will run out of power. The challenge can easily be solved by making use of a Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank.

This perfect power bank can get the maximum performance from your electronic gadgets. In fact, it has the tendency to charge 2 tablets at the same time, while delivering the required charge as per the connected device. Designed to look attractive and trendy in public, for the darkness, the RAVPower16750mAh has built-in flashlights in its armory. Automatic shutdown on an occurrence of a short circuit or overload output.


Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

Travel to India? Then an experienced traveler will suggest, have the Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage scale among the packing list. Having this accessory will help you decide on items you have to pack/discard at the airport for heavy fare on luggage. You can make the maximum use of time and spend money within your budget.

The light weight Digital Luggage scale will save you time and hard-earned MONEY at any airport (you have already checked the weight and have brought only the set-weight luggage). A Lifetime Warranty product, it can weigh till 50 kgs and has a LCD display along with auto-lock as well as auto shutoff features. You can also avail of special offers along with this product.


Lavender GoGirl

Travel to India has its own charm, but when it comes to maintenance of public toilets, it is a big let-down. For men, they just need a cover to do the job, but for women, this device comes in handy in public restrooms. Leave alone conducting yourself, you just have to act smart according to the situation and Lavender GoGirl just saves you the blushes.

The Lavender Go Girl offers women the convenience in the untidy public washrooms of India. The device is reusable and can be cleaned with water and soap. A storage tube (reusable) along with tissue is also included. So you can discover new facts even in a desert or village! The product is prepared from medical grade silicone that is in tandem with the human body.



In India, there will be always a lack of network while traveling. Be it train or bus, always a network issue. If you end up traveling in a small villages of hilly region then it is highly possible you won’t get a network.

You can send either one message/ group messages to one/more persons. Always sold as a twosome, goTenna makes you stay connected to at least one person at all times through its own signals. You can make the best use of apps for downloading travel maps. The sleek device turns the smart phone of yours into a valuable communicator thus providing ample support to your adventurous nature. Recommended in the package list by travel tips websites.


All Clear Purifier Bottle

Going to India? If you had said yes to the question while on your country of origin, advice must have been given on the precaution of drinking water. Lack of purified or RO water availability everywhere. Lack of valid and packaged water bottle accessibility everywhere except in metro cities. True, drinking water at public places or the ones sold by hawkers in India should be avoided because of contaminated constituents. You cannot expect packaged water in villages and small restaurants at all locations, so it is wise to keep the Camelback Purifier Bottle handy.

Preventing diseases is an essential part of a plan during travel to India. The Camelback Clean Purifier bottle eliminates the diseases causing pathogens effectively from streams, taps and more. Designed to last 10000 cycles, even in cold conditions, the easy-to-read LCD gives results that are simple to make a wise decision. The cap uses UV technology for purification. The handy product it is, you are doing yourself a favor by including this accessory in your packing list.


Travel Neck Pillow

Out of your comfort zone on a travel trip to India? Do not worry. Agreed, you may have to spend a long time in flights, coaches, buses and trains sleeping or sitting with improper posture. The raised support in Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow prevents back pain or neck pain, stiffness in the neck and makes your India trip a pleasant one.

The Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow offers ample support to the neck area thus preventing loss of sleep, neck stiffness, sprains and headaches. An inflatable pillow that can be easily downsized to a can, it can fit in any bag or you can stick in a handle. The exterior cover is washable and hence no danger of germs. Also has a media pouch for holding the MP3 player or phone.


Eye Mask

Eye masks are health accessories that can be used to help cure sleeplessness, symptoms of allergy and any negative factor concerned with pain, muscle tension or strain around the eyes during travel. The new quilted design mask is pretty stylish and you can get a wide variety of choices.

Certified by sleep experts, the adjustable padding present at the nose and cheek area ensures that the light is blocked even when on a sunny day while traveling by train or plane. The polythread content (it is made of), is soft and allows airflow from the outer atmosphere to prevent congestion and sweat.


Travel Cooker

Staying healthy while going to India should be our motto. To get access to green tea and boil water all the time. You need some kind of electric kettle from which you can boil water, warm packed food can also turn out to be bliss. While traveling in India, you won’t get food everywhere as per your taste bud and appetite.

The body is compact but lightweight. The only assistance you need is a workable electric connection. Sold with a warranty of 12 months, this Nova TC 1550 Travel cooker can be used to cook meals or boil water (even tea or coffee) in a jiffy.


Swiss Army Pocket Knife

A must-have accessory during travel — recommended unconditionally in travel tips to India by all journey makers. There are some knife makers who have copied the idea, but the original, Victorinox knife is always better. Ensure you buy the red color accessory and which has the Swiss icon picture.

The name spells quality and versatility, and so no need for explanation. Has 15 functions such as blade, bottle opener attached with screwdriver, scissors, wood saw, corkscrew etc. The Victorinox Swiss Huntsman Pocket knife is the perfect companion for all outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hiking or for any other purpose and it is light weight. Surprised? One more — the produce is given a lifetime guarantee for defects.


The article gives a detailed description of the benefits of devices which can come in handy while on a trip to India. We sincerely hope the tips are useful, and if you wish to enlighten us with some new gadgets which are in the offing for travel, be kind enough to put a suggestion in the comments box.


Originally published at www.designandtravel.net on December 6, 2016.