#100Daysofgoodstuff Day 100: Good Talk

Mutual understanding begins with conversation. And true conversation requires some level of mutual respect and trust.

So, the advertisers responsible for Heineken decided to tackle a timely question: How do we get both sides talking to each other?

“The company’s #OpenYourWorld campaign is the exact opposite of what we’ve come to expect from decades of beer ads. The premise of the new ad is simple: get two people who disagree with each other on a particular issue, place them in a room together, and let them talk it out over a beer.”
“A number of studies have shown that short, casual, in-person conversations with someone with an opposing viewpoint is one of the easiest paths to changing someone’s mind.”

That’s a wrap for #100daysofgoodstuff! Thank you (yeah, all 3 of you) for following along. If just one post was able to inspire you, impress you, or move you to action, this project will have been a great success.

More thoughts are brewing on the role advertising and its ethical responsibility, so stay tuned!

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