#100Daysofgoodstuff Day 15: Good Education

Here’s something to give us hope for future generations: “A Simple Tool Meant For Children May Also Help Adults Cope With “Post-Truth” Trump”

From the article:

Newsela, a reading platform designed for K-12 students, aims to empower young readers to distinguish credible sources from misinformation — and more importantly, ready future generations of adults to do the same. Matthew Gross, Newsela’s founder and CEO, came to the idea following a long career in education. Before founding the reading platform, he served as a teacher for Teach For America in the South Bronx and the head of Regents Research Fund in New York, which oversaw the rollout of the Common Core standards throughout the state.

I do find it sad that we’re even talking about a “post-truth” world as I mentioned a few days ago, but I’m encouraged that there are educational tools now available to help kids (and adults, it seems) discern the difference.

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