#100Daysofgoodstuff Day 65: Good Seeds

Yes, I said it: GOOD seeds. If you’re hearing controversy over Cheerios’ initiative to bring back the bees, I implore you to read the criticism for yourself and form your own opinion.

For me, this is another instance of a brand with a big voice using their visibility to bring awareness and a little bit of action to a well-deserved cause: the decreasing bee population. The campaign helps inform people on the issue, and helps them understand what they can do to help. This includes sending free wildflower seed packets that attract a variety of bees. It’s fine to acknowledge that this is an imperfect giveaway, since there is only one packet and will obviously grow better in some areas than others, but I think the awareness aspect (and even the accompanying criticism!) is a step in the right direction: get people talking about this serious issue.

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