#100Daysofgoodstuff Day 74: Good Improvement

For me, this latest report on child mortality is the perfect bit of news to help me zoom out a little bit and look at an incremental improvement humanity been making for the past 25 years.

From the article:

“The world is doing a much better job of keeping babies alive long enough to become children, children alive long enough to become teens and teens alive long enough to fully grow up, according to a report in today’s JAMA Pediatrics. “I think that the overall highlight of the report is good news,” says Dr. Nicholas J. Kassebaum, an author of the report by members of the Global Burden of Disease Child and Adolescent Health Collaboration. “Without exception child mortality has improved throughout the world for the last 25 years.””

It all started with human rights, specifically, in the 1980’s, the focus on the right of a child. That led to increased vaccine use, care for a woman during pregnancy, and nutrition.

Unfortunately as the article points out, children who otherwise may have perished in struggling countries now live long enough the suffer “from the effects of birth defects or develop mental health problems or cancer. And increasingly, they live long enough to bear the burden of war and violence in their countries.”

Our work is never done, but we are making progress.

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