#100Daysofgoodstuff Day 75: Good Facts

As opposed to bad facts, or alternative facts. Today Facebook announced the various ways it’s devoting efforts to curbing fake news and promoting real reporting.

From the article:

The tech juggernaut is teaming up with the likes of web browser Mozilla, Craig Newmark of Craigslist, and several nonprofits and universities to address the problem of misleading or outright false news in the age of social media. The face of the effort is Campbell Brown, who was recently brought on by Facebook to head partnerships such as this one. Tasked with the daunting proposition of cleansing the internet of fake news, Brown said in a new blog post:
We’re excited to announce we are helping to found and fund the News Integrity Initiative, a diverse new network of partners who will work together to focus on news literacy. The initiative will address the problems of misinformation, disinformation, and the opportunities the internet provides to inform the public conversation in new ways.”
While there’s little doubt that the focus here is on managing the fake news crisis that continues — real or imagined — in the media and on Facebook specifically, the hopes of those involved is that the New Integrity Initiative doesn’t just eliminate the bad, but also improves the way real, honest journalism is both reported and shared on social media.
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