“Should designers code” is too nebulous to be debated.
Christina Wodtke

When this topic comes up, we also sometimes fail to specify what type of designers we’re talking about. Graphic designers? Interactive designers? “Full-stack” designers? Identity designers?

For instance, my work involves brand identity design, corporate web design, illustration, and graphic design.

I’ve become a better teammate by understanding the basic limitations of CSS and HTML, but I know that learning to code as well as my developer counterparts would ultimately force me to spend less time on sharpening my skills as a designer and artist, a trade-off I’m not willing to make.

For designers with the inclination to learn to code, I don’t doubt that doing so would be worth their time, even if only for the cognitive benefits and personal satisfaction. But I sure am glad that we’re taking the time to sort through the nuances of this previously ubiquitous “advice” that all designers should code.

In other words….to each his own! ;-)