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Thoughts on design, user experience and some other stuff about being a human. Should be fun…

In November 2013 was a desktop only web comparison platform. The Australian version of the very successful UK business, started up in 2011 and was beginning to find its feet.

The desktop model from the UK needed to adapt to the modern technology as traffic coming to the site from tablet devices and mobiles increased. Working with the development team our job was to build a responsive, modular and user friendly User Interface.

Design methods

A word on limitations

In an ideal world, we would have dived into user research from the get go, but the business was not willing to fund the time and…

Seen this before? I think you have…

Design Thinking, Human Centered Design and Customer Centric Design are phrases that are becoming extremely common in businesses over the last 5 years.

This made me think, what were designers doing before?

Surprisingly the answer is quite simple, they were doing the same thing, they just called it design.

Design is the profession of creating an object, service or experience for a person or persons to utilise in order to achieve an outcome.

Designers have always been human centered

Photo by Jess Watters on Unsplash

These days, every new project becomes an MVP. I’ve been noticing this trend within companies adopting Agile and discovering Design Thinking.

The problem is, most of the time the MVP created is missing a fundamental part of the equation…

It isn’t actually Viable.

Minimum Viable Product != Minimum Project Scope

Minimum Viability?

The whole premise behind building an MVP is to validate a business assumption (hopefully from a customer centric approach),with viability being the key measure of success. Viability of a product is measured by its ability to make money for the business, therefore it needs to create revenue.

This doesn’t mean…

I recently wrote about my experience facilitating a design sprint, and thought I’d share my top 5 tips to help ensure you get a good result from your next design sprint.

1. Build a solid design challenge

Can’t be a gif fest with NPH

The design challenge is the cornerstone of the whole design sprint process, so we have to get it right. I came up with this quick little formula I use to write the challenge.

How can we (~tangible sprint outcome) for (~customer) to achieve (~measurable outcome)?

tangible sprint outcome: this is what you will deliver at the end of your sprint, it could…

If you’ve been reading anything in the world of design recently you will no doubt have heard of Design Sprints. Formalised by Google Ventures and now the darling of the design and tech industries, the golden key to unlocking innovation and customer centric problem solving… mostly.

on your marks… get set… SPRINT!

As a UX Designer in the ever expanding world of customer centric design thinking, I’ve recently had the opportunity to run a few design sprints in my work with Sunsuper & Bank of Queensland. …

Very recently my psychologist said this wonderful thing to me: “What do you want to do now David? Because I don’t think you need my help anymore.”

That was such an awesome thing to hear, and what’s even more awesome is that I knew she was right, I’m okay now. I still get anxious, everyone does, but I can deal with it because I know how to look after myself.

So, I thought this would be a good time to write it all down and hopefully someone will read this and get something out of it.

Here goes…

Let me give you some background…

Eight years ago I had my first panic attack, it felt like it came out of nowhere, I had never felt anything like it and I genuinely thought I…

Continuing my July adventure in Indonesia from the first post (found here), we left Gili Trawangan and had two days in Jakarta before heading off on our next voyage to visit the island volcano of Anak Krakatau.

A little bit of History

I could write an entire post about the history of Anak Karakatau, but I’m no historian and that would be boring for most people, so let’s just get the cool and interesting bits out of wikipedia and those of you who want an in depth info session can Google to your heart’s content.

Anak Krakatau is located in the Sunda Strait between the…

In July this year, I went on an awesome holiday to visit a part of South East Asia I had never seen before, Indonesia. I spent 2 weeks in Indonesia and visited three great destinations, and in this post I’ll cover the first part of my trip, which was to the tiny island of Gili Trawangan.

Where the heck?

Gili Trawangan is the largest of the 3 Gili islands, the other two being Gili Air and Gili Meno. …

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