To Start a Design Revival

As ambitious as it is, I want DesignCue to start a design revival in Atlanta and from Atlanta to the world. A revival to provide world-class design to consumers worldwide by enabling rock-star startups with accessible design services.

The thought process goes: good design (and tech) makes people’s lives better, so let’s bring good design to people. But, how do we do that? Enable the startups who are already helping people with even better design and technology to make their customers lives better.

After all, in 2016 it’s no longer acceptable for a business to have an ill-designed website, logo, or even business cards. The design bar has been raised by companies like Apple, Airbnb, and Dropbox — for good reason. Consumers have now come to expect a high-level of usability and transparency from the companies they use on a daily basis.

We’ve come to realize, bad design is bad business. It distracts users from your product or service, frustrates them and your employees, and causes a number of logistical issues throughout the company. At the end of the day, bad design is boring. It’s hard to build good culture and good products around bad, boring design, or rather non-existent design. Without good culture, it is nearly impossible to attract world-class employees and without good products it’s nearly impossible to attract buyers. In the end, bad design leads to a number of bad things, namely failed businesses.

The process to design revival is as follows:

Bring good design to every company in Atlanta.

Then, bring good design to every company in the US.

Then, unto the world.

Whether or not DesignCue directly provides the design, we want to influence others to think of good design as a means to achieve their individual goals and help those around them. We want to increase design literacy and cause design change across entire industries.

The idea is, when you push for something hard enough and long enough, people pick up the fight and battle alongside you. Elon Musk’s intention for Tesla is not only to build a successful car company, but to prove that electric vehicles can be done well and built sustainably. Elon’s ambitions have motivated a number of other car manufacturers to take up the fight and build their own line of fully electric vehicles, (whether for the great good or capitalistic purposes alone). This, is exactly what I hope to achieve: to not only directly help a number of great businesses, but also to cause a wave of design-sensibility amongst other business.

To the aspiring artist or designer

Design is nothing more than content curation and communication. With content curation, you can train the eye. Spend hours browsing Dribbble and Behance, saving what you like and learning from it. Overtime, you’ll be able to differentiate good design from mere aesthetic design — what “works” over what “just looks good.”

To the startup founder

If you’re consumer focused, you’ve probably been coerced by the competitive design climate to make your product or service beautiful. I urge you to never abandon making design a crucial part of your day-to-day business, to keep design as the lens by which you make business decisions.

If you’re enterprise or small-business focused, perhaps you’ve neglected to integrate good design for the sake of cost effectiveness and straight-forwardness. I can assure you, though design services are a considerable upfront cost, the effect on your business is endless. Good design attracts more clients, benefits your employees with efficiency and beauty, and delights your users and your clients’ users. Nothing is more crucial to your business long-term than integrated good design, and taking it further, integrating design thinking into each part of your business.

To the established businessman

To the established business. I urge you to keep nothing sacred except your core business. Be willing to change anything to meet the times. This is especially important in matters of technology and design. I urge your to adapt in anyway possible — to rewrite your own business, even if that means cannibalising current sales for a sustainable business future. The truth is, no matter your business, there is a better way. It’s up to you to seek that out and be willing to go there and change it. If not, the next generation of challenges will find it and create a product or service that will one day be competing with yours.

Perhaps the taxi companies innovated with the times and decided to enable cab riders to find cabs from their smartphone. Perhaps, if this had been done, Uber would have never come to be as large or as impactful as it is. I urge you to integrate good design and new technology wherever possible to create a better business for tomorrow. To design for better!


Preston Attebery

Lead designer + Founder

Join me, fellow Atlantan, creative, designer, entrepreneur, businessman, and student — let’s explore what design can do! #designforbetter